array and pointers uses in c that you should know in programming

array and pointers

5 important programs that you should know: 1.sorting technique of array using pointers: #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> void create_array(int *p,int n); void display(int *p,int n); void sorting(int *p,int n); int main() {     int *p,n;     printf(“enter how many element you want to insert in the array?\n”);     scanf(“%d”,&n);     p=(int *)malloc(sizeof(int)*n);     create_array(p,n);      return 0; } void create_array(int *p,int n) {      printf(“enter the element in the array”);     for(int i=0;i<n;i++)     {         scanf(“%d “,&p[i]);     }     display(p,n);     sorting(p,n);     printf(“after sorting\n”);      display(p,n);   } void display(int *p,int n) {      printf(“enter the element in the array”);     for(int i=0;i<n;i++)     {         printf(“%d “,*(p+i));     }   } void sorting(int *p,int n) {     int temp,round;     for( round=0;round<n-1;round++)     {         for(int i=0;i<n-round;i++) … Read more

Codechef Problems sollution part 1


Codechef is a coding platform where you deal with some problems realted to your language and it requires good knowledge about DSA and  language overview(any  computer language  python,c++,c,java ) 1)ATM (Problem codechef: HS08TEST) Pooja would like to withdraw X $US from an ATM. The cash machine will only accept the transaction if X is a multiple of 5, and … Read more

compilation of any program in computer language

array and pointers

Actually computer is a dumb machine. It doesn’t know anything except 0,1.when we made a program we actually make software. A nd that is our exe file after compilation with a long process. you think that gives output in a fraction of second but it comes after four major steps that we will discuss in … Read more

Techgig Codegladiator contest Problem 1 and 2

array and pointers

techgig codegladiator organised by COGNIZANT here are two problems of the contest check out. Cognizant is looking to hire the best developers in this year’s edition of TechGig Code Gladiators. Over 50K+ developers have already registered. Register now to win prizes worth up to INR 50 Lakhs. here is the link: techgig codegladiator 1) Virus Outbreak (100 Marks) … Read more

BYJU’S interview questions for BDA post-LMT


BYJU’S interview questions for BDA post BYJU’S interview questions for BDA post I’m sharing my personal interview experience with BYJU’S, I gave an interview in BYJU’S as an appearing batch student. In this article, I share my personal experience with the HRs of Byju’s . If you are a graduate then okay, but if you … Read more

C++ Interview Questions -Last Minute Technology

array and pointers

  C++ INTERVIEW QUESTIONS C++ Interview Questions 1. Can we call C++ OOPS? and Why? Answer:- As C++ provides the application of various concepts including data binding, polymorphism, inheritance, etc. which are the main pillars of OOPS so we can call C++ Object-Oriented Programming. 2. Define Class in C++? Answer:- The class is a user-defined data type … Read more