Jelet exam 2021 etech , jelet exam will held in month of august

jelet exam
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Spread the loveJelet is the exam for diploma student’s who wants to do further studies btech after diploma. JELET  exam  for 2021  would be more competitive so concentrate and give more focus in E.TECH because it will carry lost of marks in the jelet exam, so we suggest you to get trips and tricks  from … Read more

ON PAGE SEO for a blogger,10 mistakes you should avoid on doing on page seo why ON PAGE SEO is important ?

seo optimization
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Spread the loveMany of people we know about SEO, that is SERACH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. why On page seo is important? why it is important for website ?Most of the beginners face problem with SEO ,they know the defination but don’t know how to implement ? this course is from scratch to advanced seo ,so if … Read more

Digital Marketing tutorial for beginners for 2021

digital marketing
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Spread the loveLet’s Learn the Basic of Digital Marketing. Millions of people are buying things online everyday with the help of internet. It may be a basic need, fashion, makeup, household etc. All the businesses are trying to go online and work online. Due to this reason local shop business are getting tough every day. … Read more

email marketing tutorial for beginners

Email Marketing
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Spread the loveEmail marketing has been around through the internet. It’s one of the best and efficient and effective way to  connect your business with the customers ,consisting ruling the market value over all other marketing channels. In this article we’ll go through the entire basic process of setting up the email marketing and will … Read more

how to recover you and your family from Covid19 solution by DRDO

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Spread the loveDRDO Anti Covid Drug 2-deoxy-D-glucose(2-DG) Recover from covid19 solution by DRDO a technical solution from this pandemic to make your family safe .Since a year DRDO is trying to make anti Covid drug,that is 2-DG. And guess what they have finally succeeded in that. DCGI also gave emergency approval for using anti-Covid oral … Read more

Codechef Problems sollution part 1

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Spread the loveCodechef is a coding platform where you deal with some problems realted to your language and it requires good knowledge about DSA and  language overview(any  computer language  python,c++,c,java ) 1)ATM (Problem codechef: HS08TEST) Pooja would like to withdraw X $US from an ATM. The cash machine will only accept the transaction if X is a multiple of … Read more

compilation of any program in computer language

array and pointers
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Spread the loveActually computer is a dumb machine. It doesn’t know anything except 0,1.when we made a program we actually make software. A nd that is our exe file after compilation with a long process. you think that gives output in a fraction of second but it comes after four major steps that we will … Read more